Guess My Weight

A Daring Question

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Post your picture, we guess how much you weigh.
Guess my weight. The purpose of this community is simple. Post your pictures and your height, and members will tell you how much you look like you weigh.



Membership is moderated. To join, click on "join this community" at the top of this page. You must be a member to see or comment on posts.

If your membership was denied and you feel that this was an error, please comment on the public post and explain why you would like to be a member. If your journal is empty or newly created, it is a good idea to do this before you apply so that you don't have to apply twice.


1) Do not post if it would be detrimental for you. Your post may be rejected if you are under eighteen years old and post sexually suggestive pictures.

2) Format for posting: In your post, state your age, height, and at least a few (accurate, not stretched out, sucking in or laying down) pictures (go to photobucket.com if you need a place to host them.)

3) Content: All pictures should be posted behind an lj-cut. Total nudity is unnecessary. If you are under 18 years old, do NOT post sexually suggestive pictures (underwear/nude). If you post such pictures, you must post your age. If your pictures show evidence of self-injury, or are not safe for work, warn us before the cut!

4) All posts are locked for a reason. Please don't go back and change your post to "public" after you've posted it. Do not repost any pictures you find in this community, into other journals, communities, or other places on the Internet. YOU WILL BE BANNED.

5) You may promote other communities, but only after you've posted in this one, and only behind an lj-cut.

6) After a few days, please reveal your actual weight. You may do so in a new post (please link to your picture post,) or in a comment or comments to your original post.

All members are welcome to comment with their best guesses. You may guess a person's weight in pounds or kilograms, or just guess their bmi, or any combination of those. Please be nice. If a person asks for critique, be constructive. "175 pounds, and you could work on your thighs," and "110 pounds and you don't need to lose any more weight" are good comments. "150 and your stomach rolls are gross," and "82 and your bones are disgusting!" are bad comments.

...and that's it! While this community is not "pro-ed," I think it's safe to assume that most of the members have issues with body image and/or food. Please be kind.

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